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Our Clients Feedback



"I have been coloring my hair for twenty years and have had good and bad experiences. When I moved to Virginia I was very lucky to find a hairdresser who not only is a great stylist, but has extensive training and expertise in hair color.

She also does continuous education to stay up to date on new products and techniques. Her name is Theresa Mosely and for the last 14 years I and many of her clients have followed her. I am pleased that she has now opened her new shop, Hair Color Studio, in Manassas. Although I live in Reston, the drive to Manassas is well worth the trip. If you are looking for a professional expert colorist who also believes in great customer service I highly recommend you see Theresa."


Lisa Gross



"I came to Teresa approximately 5 years ago because my hair was in EXTREMELY bad condition! I was beyond frustrated with the years of going to stylist who advertised themselves as being top notch and so forth but never really took great care of my hair. Almost every last one of them ended up being like the one before - all talk and no action! Unfortunately, many stylist just do not possess true hair care skills and often times their assistants don't shampoo or blow dry properly. I'm so pleased to say that Teresa turned my hair around. She didn't use on-the-shelf products to condition my hair back to health, but instead; she mixed natural/organic products to include oils and conditioned my hair, etc. Teresa possesses certification in Trichology which was a BIG plus in knowing what method to use in order to get my hair healthy. She also encouraged me to eat better as well as giving me recipes for smoothies and soups. In addition, she recommended certain herbs/supplements to take daily. My hair is VERY healthy and I couldn't be MORE satisfied. The process took discipline and commitment and the results are well worth it! Teresa will tell you the truth so if you aren't looking for the truth then go somewhere else and give your money away. She takes time to continue educating herself. So, if your looking for a very wise and honest stylist then Teresa is the one - look no further!!!!!"





"Teresa is one of the most amazing hairstylist I have ever met. She is extremely passionate, a perfectionist and dedicated to pleasing her clients. I was in desperate need of finding a local hair stylist but instead found a hair genius! As she was correcting / perfecting my hair, I told her she took each strand so seriously almost as if she were performing surgery on my hair. She took all my requests seriously and provided her expert opinion about what would work best for me. If you are looking for quality work, I would definitely recommend Teresa at the hair colour studio."

Pukhtana C.


"LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair salon! Theresa Mosley is very knowledgeable about hair and hair care. You will leave beyond satisfied with healthy, shiny, silky hair!! She works with all types of hair including natural hair. I have been going to her for over a decade and have never been disappointed. In fact, I do not trust anyone else except Theresa to do my hair. If you’re looking to get color, highlights, or just a good condition and trim, go to Hair Colour Studio!!"

Bria Johnson



"Been going here for years. It's consistent. Their staff is great. The products are amazing. My hair has never been healthier. Niecey was my go-to person before they left the salon. Theresa is now treating my hair and is lovely to work with. Very easy going and professional. Highly recommend this business to anyone looking to revamp or repair their damaged hair."


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